muddle into

muddle into
ввязаться во что-л. по глупости или непредусмотрительности
* * *
ввязаться по глупости в, ввязаться по непредусмотрительности в
* * *
ввязаться во что-л. по глупости/непредусмотрительности

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  • muddle — ► VERB 1) bring into a disordered or confusing state. 2) confuse or perplex (someone). 3) (muddle up) confuse (two or more things) with each other. 4) (muddle along/through) cope more or less satisfactorily. ► NOUN ▪ a mudd …   English terms dictionary

  • muddle — I verb addle, baffle, becloud, befog, befuddle, bewilder, botch, bungle, cloud, complicate, confound, confundere, confuse, daze, derange, disarrange, discompose, disconcert, disorder, disorganize, disturb, embrangle, entangle, fluster, fog,… …   Law dictionary

  • muddle — mud|dle1 [ˈmʌdl] n 1.) be in a muddle/get into a muddle BrE a) to be confused ▪ I m in such a muddle, I d completely forgotten you were coming today. be in a muddle/get into a muddle over/about ▪ My grandmother tends to get into a muddle over… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • muddle — [[t]mʌ̱d(ə)l[/t]] muddles, muddling, muddled 1) N VAR: oft in/into a N If people or things are in a muddle, they are in a state of confusion or disorder. My thoughts are all in a muddle... We are going to get into a hopeless muddle. ...a general… …   English dictionary

  • muddle — noun (esp. BrE) ADJECTIVE ▪ awful ▪ embarrassing ▪ bureaucratic, financial VERB + MUDDLE ▪ get (sb) in, get (sb) into …   Collocations dictionary

  • muddle — mud|dle1 [ mʌdl ] noun count usually singular a confused situation or condition: Her feelings for him are such a muddle. in a muddle: She died leaving her financial affairs in a muddle. a. count or uncount a mistake caused by a confused situation …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • muddle — I UK [ˈmʌd(ə)l] / US noun [countable, usually singular] Word forms muddle : singular muddle plural muddles a) a confused situation or condition Her feelings for him are such a muddle. in a muddle: She died leaving her financial affairs in a… …   English dictionary

  • muddle — v. & n. v. 1 tr. (often foll. by up, together) bring into disorder. 2 tr. bewilder, confuse. 3 tr. mismanage (an affair). 4 tr. US crush and mix (the ingredients for a drink). 5 intr. (often foll. by with) busy oneself in a confused and… …   Useful english dictionary

  • muddle — verb 1》 bring into a disordered or confusing state.     ↘(muddle something up) confuse two or more things with each other. 2》 confuse (a person). 3》 (muddle through (or Brit. along)) cope more or less satisfactorily. 4》 US mix (a drink) or stir… …   English new terms dictionary

  • muddle — Synonyms and related words: addle, addle the wits, amaze, anarchy, ataxia, baffle, ball up, bamboozle, be all thumbs, beat, becloud, bedazzle, befog, befuddle, befuddlement, bemuse, bewilder, bewilderment, blunder, blunder away, blunder into,… …   Moby Thesaurus

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